I love the new look of the Farmers Block, let's keep going without a costly redesign of George Street!



Pedestrian access is the future!

John D Corcoran (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I believe in a progressive, future-focused, 21st century Ōtepoti / Dunedin...

Steve Walker (Port Chalmers, 2023-02-15)


My dad told me to

Connor Knights (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the look of the Farmers Block!

Julie Sharples (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I like the look of the George Street layout and while I wanted no traffic driving through having it one way is better. Continue with the original plan!

Jo Neilson (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I like the one-way George street redesign. I only wish cars weren't allowed on it at all so people can walk freely from shop to shop and not feel boxed in by cars. Loving the native plants and benches too.

Paulina Barry (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I was ready for a 21st century city when the 21st century began! In this year of our Lorde 2023, we can do better than faffing around and move forwards with a CBD for ALL, not just drivers.

Scout Barbour-Evans (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


Let keep going with the current Totally Gorgeous plan - get it done !

Rosa Eglanteria (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The new design is beautiful, more user friendly and accessible

Tania Fisher (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


I strongly believe the upgrade plans should continue.

Ali Balkwill (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the new look George Street. I just wish it was fully pedestrianised so that it really was a shared space for everyone.

Karen Milton (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The first completed block is wonderful!

Ashley Day (Clyde, 2023-02-15)


It looks great. Full steam ahead

Caz Brigham (Port Chalmers, 2023-02-15)


I love the new look George street

Cindy Knights (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the new Farmers block. I want a vibrant, accessible city centre to be proud of. Invercargill is leaving Dunedin to shame.

Victoria Turner (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


You I really love the pedestrianised areas and would like to see less traffic through the main shopping thoroughfare . I don’t want the council to waste any more money on re looking at changes when we have a perfectly good plan passed already . Our mayor / some councillors need to stop with the vanity projects and attempting to derail existing well considered projects

Rosemary Manjunath (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the Farmers block and want to see more prioritizing pedestrians.

Kristen Bracey (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


I think it looks Totally Georgeous, keep going!!

Michaela Henderson (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


Although a bit dubious at first, I love the new look and hope they just get on with it.

Helen Don (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I just want it done

Bronwyn Bay (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


I was originally against it but having seen the Farmers Block I am fully for it now. Keep it going as per original plan.

Ngaere Farquhar (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I want them to keep going with the original design.

Lisa Malone (East Taieri, 2023-02-15)


I like the look of it. No need for a two way Street. Get on with it.

Kate Leebody (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


Because the Farmer's block looks amazing.

Leighton Jones (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I like the finished revamp of George St and can't wait for the rest to be finished.

Lorraine Lobb (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I really like how George st is taking shape and I am hoping they will continue with the original plans. The Main Street was horrible before and I used to avoid it. I love that it’s a more inclusive space now .

Katrina Yelavich (Port Chalmers, 2023-02-15)


I think the proposed upgrade of central Dunedin is important to the future of the city. We need to keep moving forward with these up to date designs to make our city centre more attractive to locals and visitors alike

Sharon St Clair-Newman (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The work being done on George St is great, keep it up

Toni Paterson (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The new George street design is a massive step in the right direction

Richard Butler (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


Apart from at drive-thru's, it's pedestrians who shop. Make a place welcoming for people on foot, and retail there will benefit.

Warren Hurley (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


These sorts of changes make our city attractive and current as well as safer for pedestrians who are then more likely to hang out and shop in our beautiful city.

Sarah Hjertquist (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


As a frequent pedestrian this feels much safer.

Penelope Scott (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


I was originally against the upgrade when it was proposed but after seeing the Farmers block I am all for it. I would even be in favour of pedestrianising each block

John Rowe (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


We need to move forward not be stuck in the past.

Cheryl Mitchell (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I agree that the George St redevelopment is a vast improvement and that DCC should continue as planned with the remaining areas - without deviation.

David Muir (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I'm signing because I share the growing weariness of so many Dunedinites at the infantile behaviour of too many councillors who are more interested in throwing toys and tanties until they get their own way rather than note and respond to the favourable responses by most to the new loo being brought to our city.

Paul Enright (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The farmers block looks great! Let’s keep it going

Johanna Brusse (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


It looks fantastic still to many general parks maybe just a few taxi & disabled parks will do but can be changed out at a later date

Kim Barron (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


It will be an improvement and I'd prefer a few blocks to be totally pedestrian with European style outside dining (weather permitting).
Deliveries to Retail and Business can be set times prior to and after peaks.
A wee electric tram from the Octagon to Knox would be a bonus.

Konrad Roberts (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


It’s the only sensible thing to do. It looks fabulous.

Barbara Anderson (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I believe that the plan agreed on and funded by the City Councillors was well thought out and implemented. It represents a significant investment in the future of Dunedin and will prove to be a project of great value to Ōtepoti Dunedin citizens and businesses and provide an attractive city centre for visitors and residents alike.
Suggestions of costly changes and delays are unwise and unacceptable.

Brian Dixon (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the new farmers block and want to see the rest of the main street completed without change.

Leeann Barnett (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


It's the best outcome for the street

Kathryn Ward (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I want the redesign to continue.

David Vanderveen (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


The George St developments are looking great, helping Ōtepoti’s downtown become a much more attractive space

Barbara Corcoran (Port Chalmers , 2023-02-15)


I want a city safe for people to walk and ride their bikes.

David Newstead (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


Progress is letting people walk freely in their city.

Sharyn Broni (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I, too, am sick of the populist bs around this.

Lorraine Johnston (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the new look George Street.

Rosanna Cuthbert (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


George Street now looks beautiful!

Jacqui Sabin (Dunedin , 2023-02-15)


I love the new farmers block! I spend a fair bit of time in town and used to work on that block through the construction period. When I walk onto that block it feels genuinely so much nicer and more modern than much of George St.

Teri Urwin (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I love the new development. I want it to continue. I don't want money wasted coming up with a new design.

Nicole Fyfe (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I am also tired of the reactionary opposition to long-overdue urban improvements

David Benson-Pope (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


It looks amazing and I want the it’s already a compromise! When the people who thought spending $2500 thinks it’s okay to spend $8 million to get their way- you know it has nothing to do with community.

Kirsty Cooper (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


Dunedin's retail businesses need this!

Liam Harrison (Ōtepoti, 2023-02-15)


I'd like the DCC to prioritise pedestrians, and the disabled.

Rose Smith (Dunedin New Zealand, 2023-02-15)


Renewing essential infrastructure and creating a pedestrian-friendly main street is really important fir Dunedin. It will be great to shop without exhaust fumes.

Thomson Anne (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I like the new George st. So much nicer with less traffic. Even better if the was no traffic.

Nick Meek (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


It's awesome. More please.

Scott Mason (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I believe the current work on George Street should be continued without delay.

Garry George (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


We are doing the right thing, do not spend $$$$ to stuff it up!

Glynn Babington (Dunedin, 2023-02-15)


I agree.

Jon Adams (Dunedin , 2023-02-16)


I've enjoyed very much the revamp of the George St. Keep going.

Carol Bond (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


The George Street redevelopment is a step forward in terms of accessibility, wellbeing, and revitalisation of the city centre. It is arguably the most important change to Dunedin in decades. It should continue as planned.

Taylor Davies-Colley (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


Cities without cars in the CBD are much more pleasant to wander around whilst shopping and having lunch.

Elenor Rayner (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


It looks much better and less traffic , while still some vehicle access. Planting is calming and attractive.

Tessa Petersen (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


As a born and bread dunedinite, the main street of Dunedin has needed this attention for a long time. I was excited to see something actually happening to bring the beauty and vitality back to our town centre. Keep going with this project and don't take our city backwards.

Siobhan Dillon (Dunedin , 2023-02-16)


I prefer the George Street renovations to continue as planned.

Adam Clarke (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


I believe the changes are a step forward for the main st

Brenda Hale (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


It’s time for a change and the less cars the better!

Kate Clarke (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


Let the whinging stop already. I think it looks amazing and they should continue the work that the previous council signed off on.

Sue Devaney (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


I am signing because I am disabled and the changes to George Street make it a very special place to shop.

Linda Doubleday (Waikouaiti, 2023-02-16)


I love the redesign of George St. Keep on keeping on!

Stacey McDonald (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


This is looking fabulous and such a wonderful face-lift for a long neglected area of the city.

Hilary Henderson (Dunedin, 2023-02-16)


Because it finally makes Dunedin look beautiful, a place to go to in town, where people enjoy to be, it makes so much sense

Dora Bohn (Dunedin , 2023-02-16)


More pedestrian friendly areas in the central city please. The DCC is off to a good start, let’s continue

Anne-Maree Wigley (Dunedin , 2023-02-16)


I agree

Nikki Bolton (Dunedin , 2023-02-17)


New Zealand and Dunedin is decades behind UK and Europe. Cities there have been pedestrianised for many years. The new block is delightful.

Kate Spenceley (Wakari, Dunedin, 2023-02-17)


Time to move forward

John Corboy (Dunedin, 2023-02-17)


The redesign invigorates our city... lets keep it going.

Cindy Diver (Dunedin, 2023-02-18)


I think the redesign is lovely and makes a lot of sense. It makes the town a more accessible place for all.

H Dupres (Dunedin , 2023-02-18)


I love the Farmer's block upgrade. Let's keep progressing our wonderful city.

Debby Newton (Dunedin, 2023-02-18)


It does look Gorgeous, and I can't wait to be able to meander around and enjoy shopping there again! Please let's keep the momentum going xx

Sara Latton (Dunedin , 2023-02-19)


Why waste money reinventing what's already been heavily invested in. The underground infrastructure needs to be replaced so it's the perfect time to upgrade.

Gregor Chrystal (Dunedin , 2023-02-19)


I like the new design

Lyndon Christie (Dunedin, 2023-02-20)


This project is underway, over 120,000 people DIDNT sign a protest petition.

Jo Bain (Dunedin, 2023-02-22)


We have a Council dominated by a so-called “actively listening” cabal. So let’s see them actively listen to this!

Max Reid (Dunedin , 2023-02-22)


I have happily walked along the new street layout. I can't wait to see the project completed.

Martin Larkin (Dunedin, 2023-02-24)


Ffs. You are wasteing money to flex your egos. It looks great. Focus on sorting some new parking

Rachel Maole (Dunedin , 2023-02-26)


The revamp should be finished as planned without further delays and disruptions

Debbie McEwan (Dunedin, 2023-02-26)


I'd love no road but as it is better than two way

Lolene Pepers (Dunedin, 2023-03-07)


I love the new revamp . Dunedin needs to improve its sense of community and great gathering spaces are needed.we don’t need continuous divisions being created by our mayor and mates making ego based decisions

Jo Taylor (Milton, 2023-03-09)

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