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Presentation to Waitemata Local Board & Community Picnic

2019-11-21 18:02:08
The Waitemata Local Board will make the decision regarding the Erebus Memorial on 3 December 2019, probably between 1 - 2.30pm.  The Agenda and the time will be confirmed the week prior.  


Keep an eye on the Local Board website for details or we will inform you -


This is a public meeting, to be held at their office and anyone interested is encouraged to come to hear the result.  It would be good to achieve a large turnout to show that this matters to us.


Also, but more importantly, we invite you to Robbies Lawn in Dove Myer Robinson Park between 4 - 6pm,  on Saturday 7th December, for a Community Picnic.


Bring a drink and rug and we will either toast the successful saving of the Park, or will talk through the next steps we will need to take.  Either way, we would love to see you there and thank you in person for all the support.


Jo and Annie


021 685 631

Jo Malcolm & Anne Coney

UPDATE: Dove Myer Robinson Park was not the right site

2019-11-08 19:07:05

Thank you for all your support to date.  

Many of you will have read the NZ Herald this morning and we wanted to update you personally.

We embarked on this fact-finding process because things simply did not add up and when we asked questions of both Auckland Council and the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, we were brushed aside and dismissed.

When something doesn’t look or feel right – it usually isn’t. 

What we now know that Dove Myer Robinson Park was not the right site for the proposed Erebus memorial. 

A report commissioned by the Government recommended that the memorial be located elsewhere in Auckland. 

The site failed to meet a number of criteria set.  

The Government then ignored that advice and chose not to share that information with the Waitemata Local Board when they requested Landowner Approval.

We have provided all the facts to the Waitemata Local Board members and the CEO of the Auckland Council this week and asked them again to decline Landowner Approval. 

We will be in contact again when we have more information to share.

Jo Malcolm & Anne Coney

Feedback Closes Tuesday 8th October 2019

2019-10-06 05:56:58
Thank you so much for supporting our Petition.


We encourage you to also comment on the Auckland City Council “Have your say” page.



Feedback closes on Tuesday, 8 October 2019.


Numbers count!


Kind regards 


Jo and Anne

Jo Malcolm & Anne Coney

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