A Petition To Install Safety Fences Around Gisborne Playgroundsin Gisborne

I am a concerned aunt of multipe wonderful autistic nephews who love to play outdoors. Their joy and safety are my utmost priorities, which is why I am advocating for the installation of fences around playgrounds in Gisborne, New Zealand. 

Our beautiful city is home to many parks and playgrounds that are situated near busy roads and ponds. While these locations provide picturesque settings, they also pose potential dangers to our children, especially those with special needs like my nephews.

According to Autism NZ (2018), children with autism often have difficulty recognizing danger or understanding safety rules. This makes them particularly vulnerable in open spaces near traffic or water bodies.

By installing fences around our playgrounds, we can provide a safer environment for all children while still allowing them the freedom to explore and enjoy outdoor play. This simple measure could significantly reduce the risk of accidents and give parents peace of mind when their kids are at play.

Let's ensure that all children in Gisborne can play safely without fear. Please sign this petition urging local authorities to install safety fences around our city's playgrounds.

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