A vote of no confidence in the Mayor and Several councillors of the DCC

I have started this petition which will be presented to the Minister for Local Government.

The Mayor and several councillors have pushed through policies  with little or no public consultation,the latest being the change of speed to 10kmh in the CBD .This was done by the Mayor using the Covid 19 argument it will be better for the public and reduce the risk of infection . This happened within a matter of days and the signs were already printed before the vote at council was done. This was also done after a 6000 name petition was presented to council to stop the pedestrianisation of the CBD.Decisions are being made with out public consultation .They have ignored the ratepayers and will simply move forward with this speed change and make it permanent using stealth . 

  • 2.5 Consulting on proposed speed limits 
    2.5(2) The persons and groups that must be consulted are—
    (a) road controlling authorities that are responsible for roads
    that join, or are near, the road on which the speed limit is
    to be set or changed; and
    (b) any territorial authorities that are affected by the existing
    or proposed speed limit; and
    (c) any local communities that the road controlling authority
    considers to be affected by the proposed speed limit; and
    (d) the Commissioner; and
    (e) the chief executive of the New Zealand Automobile
    Association Incorporated; and
    (f) the chief executive of the Road Transport Forum New
    Zealand; and
    (g) the Agency; and
    (h) any other organisation or road user group that the road
    controlling authority considers to be affected by the
    proposed speed limit.
    2.5(3) A road controlling authority must allow a reasonable time for
    persons and groups consulted under 2.5(2) to make submissions
    on the proposed speed limit.
    2.5(3) is very interesting.

If you feel this is not in the best interest of the businesses in Dunedin and also the ratepayers I urge you to sign this petition.