Ashvegas is more vegas without vapes

Kia Ora,

Our names are Azaria, Amber and Isabelle. We are year eights at Ashburton Borough School. We are doing a changemaker program in which we focus on good health and well being which is one of the UN's 17 global goals. Our class is focusing on to get them achieved by 2030. Part of our goal is to help health and pollution. We would like you to help us achieve our goal for little to no vaping by putting prices up and asking for ID online so minors can't buy vape products. We interviewed people in our whanau and people who we know that vape to see who they got the vapes from if they are underaged, how vaping affects them and we have realised that underage people buy them online because you don't need ID,

Azaria  - Peer Support Leader 

Amber  - Green House Leader and PB4L

Isabelle -  PB4L and Librarian 

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