Ban all mink farming in Latvia

D4B96F69-7893-46EB-98A7-7138A71D0383.jpegAs i recently stumbled upon an article on facebook about where false lashes were made, and as someone who has purchased a fair amount i researched more into mink farms only to find out that "cruelty free" Mink lashes are NOT AT ALL "cruelty free" I watched a short youtube clip of an undercover activist that worked in the mink farms in Latvia and it had shown around hundreds of helpless minks all cramped in dirty cages being tortured and poorly treated. The activist had also mentioned that 8/10 minks die everyday or are close to dead..

and all that i could possibly gather while watching this is... Is it really worth it? The lashes, the designer clothing/bags/shoes. Poor unprotected wildlife/pets/animals etc are STILL being tortured and SLAUGHTERED for what? a pair of lashes! It is the 21st century now, animals should not be needed for such things anymore, but they are and it NEEDS to stop. These beautiful nature born wildlife deserve just the same amount of rights and freedom as humans! 

So please sign my petition or be involved in this movement as it is just as important as any other! We cant save the ones we've already lost , but we can start now!

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