Due to bullying our Mangawhai Volunteer Fire Brigade has lost at least 15 fantastic Volunteer Firefighters since 2012 and can no longer serve the Community. Vote now to BRING BACK OUR BRIGADE.



• At least 11 complaints or requests for help sent to management that we know of, alerting them to the ongoing and growing problem, most of which were ignored.

• Despite mediation outcome stating the station was “Severely Dysfunctional and would be unlikely to improve under the current leadership” the decision to allow the person to remain in the MVFB has resulted in 3 recent resignations, and we expect will result in the loss of at least 6 members from both Mangawhai and Kaiwaka brigades through resignation or extended leave.

• Despite Mediation recommendations Mike McEnaney still holds the highest position in the Mangawhai Station. Many of the Qualified and long serving Officers will return if Mike McEnaney is removed from the station.

• Prospective recruits will not join whilst this situation is going on.

• Mangawhai Brigade cannot turn out during week days due to no qualified personnel being within 1.5 hours commute, the 2 members who hold the qualifications to operate the machinery and manage an event both work full time in Auckland. 2 Incidents this week were not correctly turned out for and other brigades beat them to the incidents.

• Other Brigades in the larger area have been responding to Mangawhai events – with summer coming this action which has already resulted in saved property and perhaps lives may not be relied on.

• The Mangawhai Community is vulnerable and public safety is now at risk.

• NZFS have failed to take due care of the Volunteers who have been involved in this situation. No support has been offered, any attempts to gain support or seek help have not been responded to.

• Our Brigade is unable to meet the needs of the community it serves.

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