Change the 'Parkin Drawing Prize' to the 'Parkin Art Prize'

The Parkin Drawing Prize organisers are refusing to quote "wrap rules around" this prestigious drawing competition, with up $25000 top prize money given to art that doesn't resemble drawing in the slightest each year. 

They have chosen to use controversy and debate as excuses for the reason to award this money to what should be classified as Modern Art, and have admitted there is only one person who's opinion matters: (Comment by Parkin staff on their facebook page): "Art is subjective and we have an incredibly credible and talented judging panel, which Chris decides every year".
If Chris is deciding the judging panel each year, then the whole competition is subjected to only his 'subjective' view on art and who should be judging, and thus the type of views that are going to be put on the artwork submitted. Also saying "You don't need to feel sorry for artists who were according to you 'deserving' because it is only your opinion" - but it's not, it's only Chris's and his appointed judge panel's opinion.

Not only have they awarded this years award to a semi-thought out typed piece of paper over actual drawings, they've awarded it to a exact copy of an artwork done by another artist last year. 

On their facebook is a quote by artist Keith Haring - “Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic.”

This implies that drawing is the same as it has been for thousands of years - using your hands to create a picture (there were no typewriters in the prehistoric times?).
If this is what they have at the forefront of their belief on what drawing is, how can they turn around and say drawing is subjective? Or that they cannot wrap rules around the competition? They already have.

Also quoted from the description on their facebook page: “As a dedicated supporter of the arts I believe it is essential to offer a national award of this significance and highlight the depth and skill of drawing practice in New Zealand. Internationally we are seeing a resurgence of interest in drawing as the basis of all visual art forms. Not only will it empower talented artists with a sense of the importance of their practice, but it will also see the establishment of a unique collection of New Zealand art through the acquisition of the winning drawings,” said Parkin.
- "unique collection"? - this year's wining work, forward slash, already exists as done by other artists.
- "depth and skill of drawing practice in NZ" - DRAWING, not typing.
- "resurgence of interest in drawing as the basis of all visual art forms" - drawing is the basis of art forms... ah so drawing! Not typing!

Another Keith Haring quote:
“Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further.” - Keith Haring (from the same artist quoted by Parkin at the top of this page).

This year's winning artwork hasn't provoked imagination, but instead provoked anger and frustration with elitist art values held by judges who don't have any standing or experiencing judging real or substantial work. It's not just about the other artists deserving the prize more (although that is certainly important considering this is meant to be a Drawing prize and the winning work was made by a typewriter, and a copy of someone else's work), it's also about this prize winner somehow being picked as a statement of going against the grain, or being 'controversial' simply for the sake of creating discussion which is more argumentative than actually thought provoking.

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