Change the zoning of Paenoa Te Akau from Rural to Residential by amending the Maori Purposes Act that made it Rural

In 1975 Paenoa Te Akau the amalgamted block was formed by a act of parliment using the Maori Purposes act Part 3 - the Establishment of Incorporations over the Rangatira Blocks.  Under section 23 of this act is this clause  "

(2) For the purposes of the valuation of each parcel of land to be
carried out under subsection (1), all the land to be valued shall,
notwithstanding the provisions of the Valuation of Land Act
1951, be deemed to be zoned rural and not subject to any designation
for a public work or public purpose under the operative
district scheme prepared pursuant to the Town and Country
Planning Act 1953.  

I have applied to the Maori Affairs Committee at Parliament, with the help of our two Maori MPs...namely Tamati Coffey and Rawiri Waititi, and have been told my proposal is approved and that I now need signatures from the owners of the land.  I have attempted to hold hui to collect signatures, but as you all know..this Covid pandemic has stopped all hui happenning, so now I am going to collect signatures online.  Please fil in this partition thank you.  write 'yes I want the zoning changed from rural to residential' in the comment line ok.

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