Close NZ borders to everyone, citizen or not for a minimum of six months, from 31 March 2021

Overview of the petition

This petition has been created for the good of all New Zealanders, in a bid to keep New Zealand and the current people who occupy NZ safe from the COVID-19 Virus.

As we are all well aware the pandemic is wreaking havoc around the world and leaving people vulnerable to sickness and in the worst-case scenario death.

It has become obvious that the border controls put in place by the New Zealand government are no longer effective. The time has come where we need to band together to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the negative economic and health issues that exist from having our borders open to anyone that resides outside NZ.

What is being proposed in this petition is that from 31 March 2021 and up until the date that the dangers from COVID-19 can potentially cause have been close to eliminated is that

Proposed petition

  1. Close the New Zealand borders to all people, including NZ residents, with the exception of NZ citizens within one month of this partition being accepted in parliament, for a minimum of six months.
  2. Close the New Zealand borders to all people, including NZ residents and NZ citizens within six weeks of this partition being accepted in parliament, for a minimum of six months.
  3. Upon the ending of that six-month period, we propose that the New Zealand people will be called upon to vote on whether or not that period needs to be extended for the good of all the people residing within New Zealand.

Why the need for this petition 

New Zealand closing its borders to all people, including NZ citizens, for a minimum of six months will help in eradicating the COVID-19 Virus from within New Zealand. 

The date that has been given is to allow all NZ citizens enough time to get back into New Zealand before the borders are closed to all humans for a minimum of six months. These are unprecedented times and ultimately the health and wellbeing of the New Zealand people are and should be our main concern. We realise that there is legislation in place that makes it difficult to close a country off to its citizens, however, we are hoping that each citizen will comply, so as to avoid potentially risking spreading the deadly COVID-19 Virus in New Zealand, where all the current citizens have worked hard at keeping the virus out of the community and country.

The COVID-19 Virus has continued to wreak havoc around the world for over a year now, with no signs of slowing down and now there are new strains that are even more deadly and dangerous than the original virus. Given that timeframe, there has been ample time for any NZ citizen or resident to get back to New Zealand and it is now time to take care of our country and take the power back to ensure the wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones.

There are no guarantees that the antiviruses that have been created will be effective, due to the limited timeframe for testing the longevity and effectiveness, which typically takes a number of years to measure the success factors.

If our government will not make this decision on its own then the New Zealand people will have to stand up for themselves as a united voice and do what is necessary to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from this horrific virus. It's time to make a stand in New Zealand and if you feel the same way then please sign this petition and let your voice be heard. The time is now, so please share this petition for the good and wellbeing of New Zealand, together we are the positive change and we can keep the COVID-19 Virus out of New Zealand.

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