Community Support for Jeanine and Phillip Oxenius to carry on thier amazing work at Long Bay Beach #youareappreciated

Dear Mr Brown,

Jeanine and Phillip Oxenius of Long Bay have spent countless hours collecting rubbish and discarded items from Long Bay Beach.  In an effort to make our community an awesome place to live the Oxenius's have also errected small signs; "Lost and Found", “toy library” for beach toys left behind and a “stick library” for dog owners visiting the beach.  Our community LOVES the work of the Oxenius's and a deeply saddened by Auckland Councils removal of these wonderful initiatives and to seemingly disregard the countless voluntary hours Jeanine and Phillip have invested over many years.

We as a community respectfully request that you support the reinstatement of the signage and COMMEND the work of Jeanine and Phillip.

Our community thanks you for your sanity on this matter!!!


Long Bay volunteers quit beach after Auckland Council removes toy library - NZ Herald



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