Demand a satisfactory response from CertiK

Burnsdefi community demanding a satisfactory reply from CertiK for the various points. 

 1. CertiK allowed unauthorised users to access and change Burnedfi information. Unauthorised users does not even have access to skyharbour, nor proper work email, website nor original website or twitter, but able to alter all the information. 


2. CertiK failed to exercise due diligence. CertiK did not check hijacker's information and allowed hijacker to take control. BD Manager Ma Xuesong said he allowed hijacker to take control because he verified twitter account and website. The original twitter and website are both @burnedfi and respectively. He allowed someone who started twitter on 16th of Feb to take over. There are Screenshots of Wuming saying that CertiK is being settled. Moreover Ma Xuesong acknowledged that the Hijacker is not the authorised person after Screenshots of original twitter and website were presented to him. He kept quiet after that. 


3.Certik failed to ensure its duty of care to its users. Burnedfi investors are exposed to a wallet which poses a high risk to investors. This wallet 0x7EF8C40216694D32cB4398B5fb69396a8415cC63 has maliciously siphoned over 2800 transactions of tokens to his personal wallet. With some single transactions as high as 10,000 tokens. This wallet will still continue to receive free tokens as long as the token is still running. Certik was also warned, but no actions taken. It could be a potential major rugpull and major cover up. The whole token was heavily manipulated by community leaders. Investors rely and trust on CertiK's audit to make investment decisions. Community leaders were also aware of the wallet and continued to tell everyone that Burnedfi is the fairest token and is totally decentralized. Investors relied on both Community leaders and CertiK's information to buy into a token which is a time bomb to all investors. Investors must know of all the risk before buying into the token. Especially it's audited by one of the top audit firms in the industry. Even investors who profitted can still sue because you were not made known of the risk you were subjected to. 


4. CertiK failed to verify with public that both Burnedfi and BurnsDefi were submitted by the same person and he has the ownership to control both CertiK information. Instead CertiK allowed hijackers to change the information. It is not known whether someone has received a token or has vested interest. Because Wuming said he has everything settled.


5. CertiK has practised unfair treatment to its client. It has removed Burnedfi scoring and gave Burnsdefi a low scoring of 34. It had gave investors an impression that Burnedfi is better than Burnsdefi. CertiK team told me the scoring was low because of outstanding github, CoinMarketCap information etc. However, all these information was submitted for review, but the scoring did not improve. The BD manager, Ma Xuesong said, if no KYC is done, there will not be any changes at all. CertiK has practised discrimination. Burnsdefi is subjected to prejudice. No one in any way shall be discriminated. CertiK has sent out an import discrimatory message to all, unless KYCed, otherwise you will be getting low scores. 


6. As we know timing is of the essence in the cryptocurrency world, CertiK did not respond promptly to our messages, in fact ignoring them. Certik did not ensure the duty of care to its clients, resulting in many investors making bad investment decisions. CertiK failed to respond to its clients in a reasonable timely manner. 


7. CertiK gave a low scoring despite there is nothing wrong with the contract, failed to give a duty of care to the users. It gave the public the impression is only worth 34 points. Existing users are very angry and upset. Both new and existing investors suffered financial losses due to CertiK's discrimination. Especially when there is another party, Burnedfi community leaders smearing and claiming that Burnsdefi is a scam and fake token. Community leaders can be liable for libel and slander. Meetings were conducted to put down Burnsdefi, groups were formed to attack Burnsdefi. They even organised groups to buy in and control the price of Burnsdefi. There are proofs for all these organised actions to put down Burnsdefi. 


8. CertiK's abrupt shutting down of Burnedfi CertiK page without giving any prior notice. Nor has CertiK responded to any messages. BD manager Ma Xuesong messages remains unread. We highlighted problems directed to top management but was always directed to BD manager Ma Xuesong. Seems like everything is being covered up. 


Do note the community has collected enough evidence before signing up for this petition. This petition is from a community and not from solo individuals. IMG_20240207_022839_794.png

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