Demonstrate solidarity with the people of Ukraine by renaming Messines Road – home of New Zealand’s Russian Embassy – to Ukraine Road

As you are reading this petition, the entire 40-mln nation of Ukraine is fighting for its freedom against Russian aggression. People of various professions are being armed to protect their native cities, thousands are volunteering to join the Armed Forces to bravely protect their country. Civilians spend their nights in bomb shelters because residential areas of Kyiv and other cities are being shelled from army-grade missiles.

Living away from Ukraine, it is sometimes hard to know how you can support the people under attack. However, there is one way you can, simply by supporting the campaign to rename Messines to Ukraine Road. This would be a simple but incredibly meaningful act of symbolic support for the courageous Ukrainian people who defend the values of freedom and democracy from the 2nd strongest military power in the world.

As you know, Russia with its leader Vladimir Putin demonstrates quite poor historical knowledge about Ukraine. Russia seems to forget that Ukraine is a sovereign state. At the same time, Ukraine is the homeland of people whose long struggle for independence has been a testament to their unyielding, indomitable spirit and free will. Walking down the Ukraine Streets for Russian representatives to their embassies and consulates all over the world would be a great daily reminder of Ukraine's sovereignty with democracy and freedom as its highest values. 

thumbnail_banner_petition_2.jpgSeveral European countries have already changed the Russian embassy’s address line for Ukraine. Albania gave part of a street a new name "Free Ukraine Street," Lithuania renamed a street to "Ukrainian Heroes Street" and Latvia – "Independent Ukraine Street".

Australia has a great track record in solidarity with what is right. Let’s do it again for Ukraine!

We call for global solidarity and address officials, mayors, activists to initiate and support the renaming of the streets with Russian Embassies and consulates into Ukraine Streets all over the world! 

Thank you for standing with Ukraine and adding your name. Please share widely to get more support. 


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