Ending sexist dress code rules at AJHS

Within the last week, AJHS has had two majorly sexist assemblies concerning the school dress code, specifically the uniform skirt length. The boys and girls were separated for these talks and treated very differently. The boys were being talked to about issues around vaping, vandalism, PE gear, and politeness. This took about 15 minutes, whereas the girls' assembly took 30+ minutes. They were lectured about "appropriate" skirt length and were made to line up to get their skirts checked, taking names of girls with skirts judged too short. Sexualising non-inherently sexual parts of a girl's body promotes rape culture and victim blaming. The girls were told that their skirt length could be distracting to boys. We are outraged and upset at the sexism and sexualisation of young people at AJHS. By the time we leave the school after Year 10, we are still not of the age of consent and it is inappropriate for us to be shamed like this. 

We want a couple of things to happen:

  • A conversation with the adults in the school about what has been said at the assembly and a chance to explain why their views are harmful to girls as well as boys. 
  • An assembly to "put things right" and elaborate on the concept of consent (boys and girls together).
  • Change certain parts of the dress code (rules about skirts) 


If you disagree with what is happening at AJHS and schools worldwide, please sign this petition. Once we have enough signatures, we will present it to the school board to ask for changes to be made. 

Milan Ellis and Ella Brooke    Contact the author of the petition

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