Fish Farming

The fishing industry is killing the ocean- over fishing just to fill the stupid quotas "needed" to please the markets. The excess fish are just dumped back in the ocean and at that stage, all of them are dead. Fish farming is a solution to save the Ocean and the endangered species living within it. When the commercial fishing boats are trolling along the drop off points and the reefs to catch the snapper, salmon, trout and marlin, a lot of the time they get more than just that. They end up getting dolphins and other marine wildlife too. This is specifically targeted to the New Zealand government although other governments may need to wake up as well.

Our Maui dolphins are dying. There aren't even 100 left in the wild and the majority of dolphins are male. Commercial fishing is killing the dolphins 76 times faster than the Maui dolphins can breed. Anyone who says that this isn't a problem really needs to wake up and see the light. I proclaim that all the government are currently caring about is money and the economy. Start looking at the environment. Fish farming is a possible solution to this calamity. Farm the fish to fill the quotas, put the prices up for fish, fish yourself. 

Sign this petition to get the eyes of the right people and officials. We need to save our marine wildlife. We need to save the fish. We need to save the Maui dolphins. We need to save the ocean. Stop commercial fishing. 

Purapurawhetu, Renee, Siobahn    Contact the author of the petition

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