Require Doctors to inform women of PTLS before a tubal ligation

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Janine Brockway
The author of this petition


2014-06-15 18:09

I have suffered with this condition like many other women, there are groups on facebook for support. Being sterilised ruined our lives. For support please join the Post tubal ligation UK group. Many thanks x



2014-06-15 18:10

People must be made aware of this. There are to many women suffering and being made to feel like its all in their heads. This needs attention and now!



2014-06-15 18:16

im from the uk and suffer qwith most oif these symtoms since tubal ligation big regret



2014-06-15 18:17

Good Idea*

#5 Ptls

2014-06-15 18:19

I have been suffering with these symptoms sense 2008 And i regret getting this done if the dr. told me about side effects that "CAN" Happen this would never!!! had been done ~linda



2014-06-15 19:34

We need our voices to be heard



2014-06-15 21:04

Dr should tell women of other risk of tubal litigation I have suffered over 3 years now I know what's wrong after thousand dollars of test
Sarah L.


2014-06-15 23:46

I was never informed of this happening to me and sadly it almost took my life, let alone landed me with a total hysterectomy at the age of 29! Doctors should disclose what can happen after having a tubal ligation done!



2014-06-16 08:11

this is great way of getting things across about PTLS i for 1 have & still suffer form this for the past 20 odd years! i just hope to god that all the young mothers that are about now really look into this! as we never had or been told of the side effects of this brutal op!!!!! & i do not say that lightly at all!!



2014-06-18 23:01

The tubal ligation ruined my life and doctors fight desperately to hide it.



2014-06-23 05:16

had 18 years of hell because of these things and they ended up in my omentum making allergic to food!!!! im lucky to b alive still thank god for the gyno at murdoch that found and took them out!!! never again will i have anything foreign put inside my body!!!!!



2014-06-30 23:28

I've been suffering from this for 7 years!! I have to take so much medication to counteract the symptoms, I'm regularly asked if I rattle!! This has to be one of the cruelest punishment possible!!

#13 PTLS

2014-07-09 18:20

I've had nothing but heavy bleeding which literally floor me every month. Since I stumbled on this topic, I now realise that I have suffered like this since I got sterilised in 2001. Can't believe I've put up with it not realising why. Dr.s keep saying it's my Thyroid, but I never had these heavy bleedings before that. They just fob me off everytime. I'm now being told that they are going to put a mirena coil in now to slow down the bleeding because I'm coming up the menopause. I wish I had asked for a hysterectomy instead if I'd have known the problems this would cause me. I want my life back! Lost 10+ years of it.



2014-07-13 00:31

I am one of the millions of women that have been plagued with PTLS. I can not help but think if I was only told about the possible side effects of Tubal Ligation my life would be so different. Doctors should be required to tell all patients about the side effects. At least women would be educated and then have a choice insted of being stuck with a horrible medical condition they knew nothing about.



2014-07-14 08:07

I am experiencing, myself, PTLS. It is very real and I am in pain almost everyday. Please sign this petition and help our voices to be heard.



2014-07-22 09:50

Doctors need to be held accountable for failure to disclose side effects. I deal with pain every month from having TL done many years ago.



2014-08-03 13:53

I have suffered some of the side effects myself which culminated in a hysterectomy. I was totally ignorant to the cause of my ongoing health problems and no doctor has ever even hinted that the tubal ligation I had could have been the cause.



2014-08-07 20:04

We need to be properly informed about the side affects of this procedure. This has caused so much misery for so many of us ladies! The doctors don't give a crap and are in complete denial of it all... It's NOT all in our heads!!



2014-08-08 09:17

I was sterilised in my late twenties and now sixty seven and suffered awful all these years my daughters just been sterilised She started to get symptoms I will be letting her see this website . I've been through hell and back !!!!



2014-08-11 07:56

I am happy to sign this petition and make information on this PTLS problem available to other women. I've suffered from thinning hair together with a whole raft other terrible symptoms since the age of 27 when I had tubal ligation - I am now in my late 50's. I would like every woman considering this form of contraception to have information of these terrible side effects and I hope this petition eventually makes doctor's more aware of this information.



2014-08-13 04:29

About time. Doctors are all too fond of using the "all in the mind" excuse when they are flummoxed.



2014-08-22 13:57

No surgery should be performed without the fully informed consent of the patient!



2014-09-23 01:20

Glad that someone is finally starting a petition. If I knew then what I know now I'd never have gotten a tubal.



2014-09-26 22:18

This is truely something. i wish doctorts would have warned me about so i could have made an even more informed decision.



2015-01-18 16:17

Don't forget to include the uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Several people, including myself, began having them a few years after TL. The Drs said I shouldn't feel pain at all but I had excruciating pain that would come on suddenly and it was so strong I would drop instantly to my knees and curl in the fetal position bawling. My friend would black out over the pain. Common with PTLS but most Drs won't even recognize it existence when you tell them.