Reduction in the Civil Aviation Authority fees

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2014-07-03 04:48



2014-07-03 09:43

The fee's are ridiculous.



2014-07-04 01:21

Cant afford to fly



2014-07-04 08:08

Lower fees to make aviation more affordable



2014-07-04 09:10

CAA know very little about the industry's they poke there heads into, most aviation in this country has done extremely well wit self regulation for years, adding them to the mix is causing more problems then solutions at too high a cost .



2014-07-04 21:39

The CAA has lost touch with reality. The current fee will destroy recreational aviation in New Zealand.



2014-07-05 01:14



2014-07-05 22:08

These fees are getting well out of hand and beyond the reach of the recreational pilot, and as people have already said it is killing the aviation in this country. I am a low hour PPL who flies about once a month and my last medical cost me just under $1000 and is only valid for 1 year (due to a recently diagnosed medical condition). It took over a year to get it back, Caa dragged the process out so much I was forced to redo the doctors medical again as it went over the ninty days time frame. I average about 10 hours a year flying so thats $100 per hour. You have to start to think at what point is it just not worth it. We are the only user of weather forcast that have to pay. All the other fees CAA charge are NOT making Aviation safer. In reality they are making people take short cuts, or push the boundrys just a bit, to try and save themselves from all these ridiculous fees that just keep mounting up.



2014-07-07 07:20

The massive fees charged by the CAA amount to nothing less than extortion. The high fees are not manageable on the paltry salary offered to GA pilots in New Zealand especially to those of us who are trying to contribute financially to our families. This has contributed heavily to my decision to leave my flying career behind until changes are made.



2014-07-10 12:21

I am a 20 year old CPL and these fees make my medical around $750 which is a bout a month of my wages! how on earth do you expect anyone to be able to afford that!?! also you wonder why everyone is out flying Microlights or moving to RPL's trying to have the least to do with CAA, it wouldn't surprise me if 1/2 the PPL's disappear off the radar thanks to the MASSIVE fees! and it most definitely doesn't make anything safer for anyone! if anything it is more dangerous due to people pushing the boundaries and flying with out a medical!



2014-07-12 00:54

Does this fee mean that as less & less people are able to pay it on top of everything else, the fee will go up & up to keep the same level of money going to the medical department?
If so , I suggest that many in that department will be looking for other jobs in the real world as there will only be commercial pilots & a small handful of PPLs left to pay for this extortion. Why is this fee not in line with other civilized countries?