PETITION: We the people of South Africa want Jacob Zuma to step down

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2015-05-24 05:12

I have had enough of the ruling party 'ANC' s decisions, now they want to use our retirement to bail out ESKOM 's financial woes. It's getting worse pls STOP them!!!



2015-05-24 05:16

I have had enough of this Government [ANC]



2015-05-24 05:24

I have had enough of the ruling party ANC 's lack of decision.



2015-05-24 12:39

Why did you sign this petition? Stop white genocide and to step down zuma



2015-05-24 18:15

I support them



2015-05-25 02:43

too many false promises. economy meltdown. poverty and lack of basic needs. employment havoc. fraud. personal gain with family and cronies



2015-05-25 06:57

I couldn't agree more this is totally well draughted from my point of view.



2015-05-25 13:22

As a coloured person I am sick and tired of being unemployed because I am not black enough. My children who is 7 and 4 suffer the consequences. I've had enough of Jacob Zuma looking after certain elites.



2015-05-25 20:08

we dont whant him in our land he is not n good president he have no hart



2015-05-25 22:59

Its our country, being ruled by a racist tyrant, who instead of bringing the country together he causes rifts by his std 6 statements



2015-05-26 21:18

Zuma must step down.



2015-05-26 21:29

Life in South Africa is unbearable under this racist criminal of a president. He must go. NOW.



2015-05-27 05:55

Ek teken weens ek gatvol is vir Zuma wat die land opneek en baie geld van tax betalers wat hy net eenvoudig vat en sy Gundla dorp mooi maak en ons is ter duisende mense blankes wat werkloos is en honger ly geld en als word in swartes gestop terwyl ons blankes an die pen ry genoeg is genoeg



2015-05-27 08:08

We want what we paid for. This country needs a fair and just president and jacob zuma is not a good president. This country is running downhill with him in charge.



2015-05-27 22:11




2015-05-28 08:20

Jacob Zuma has been acting more in the manner of a despot than a democratic leader. More criminal than honest.



2015-05-28 10:47

Why did you sign this petition?Because its time that the Head anti white despotic marxist tyrant step down and damage control done to save whats left of this country and as well as whats left of our farmers and the white minority!!!



2015-05-29 06:02

he must go !



2015-05-29 13:32

because he is not a leader.....what leader has so many wives???? and ---the list goes on and on....................



2015-05-31 21:48

Why did you sign this petition? To protect SA from corruption



2015-06-01 13:00

We need help



2015-06-01 13:49

We just had enough of the ANC!!!!



2015-06-01 22:17

Because Zuma sing songs like " Bring my machine gun, Kill the Farmer Kill the Boer. No stability,no future for our children, racism against White people, discramanating Laws agains White people, No work for White people, our language not recognise, genocide against white people. Zumas corruption, his stealing of R246 million from the taxpayers money to give him security, while people living in squatter camps. Exc, exc.



2015-06-02 09:58

He needs to go!!! Including the whole parliment. We need competent people again



2015-06-02 11:42

because jacob zuma is not the man for the job.......uneducated, corrupt,incompetant and totally irresponsible....