End post parliament pensions + perks for ex politicians.

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2016-05-08 13:19

politicians are well paid while in office i do not see it as right they continue to be paid when out of office..



2016-05-08 13:36

because when everyone has to cut down their expenses, then they definitely don't need to pay for a corrupt government til their end of days.



2016-05-09 02:55

My aged part pension has been cut by $52 per fortnight from 1 January after a readjustment made to how it is calculated against my small superannuation. I am a single 70 year old, who had less than 4 years of a double income household, left with 3 children to raise without any assistance. I have worked hard for the small super I have and was grateful for being entitled to a small pension. The drop in that pension is being felt severely, whilst these former pollies have their jollies for life.... all at taxpayer's expense!



2016-05-09 04:07

This is unfair to the rest of us who don't have this perk after leaving a job and the rest of us have to pay for it.
This is a self indulgent bludge.



2016-05-09 04:52

Pollies are greedy and bleeding the country dry



2016-05-12 01:02

greedy politicians are well paid and Australia
is in debt because of them, where is the accountability!




2016-07-06 09:11

It is totally unjust and unreasonably to expect the rate payers to be funding such high wages and perks to polititions. I understand that they do a demanding job,but no more then any other business.There wages need to be brought into line with the average persons and the perks need to stop once the job is over.They should get a reference like the rest of us and find another income,not get paid for nothing.We cannot afford to continue in this way with increasing poverty in this country.Also think more young people need to be in these positions as it is there future more so then a nearly retired persons.

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