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2013-09-28 01:17

I think we pay enough to get our freaking major printed on a piece of paper

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#2 Change

2013-09-28 01:21

Really hoping we can make a difference!!!



2013-09-28 02:11

It seems illogical and unfair to specialize a degree with so many facets and then regard all of them under the same umbrella. Arts is a huge field, and to generalize every student is more than a little unfair, and underestimates the variations and commitments necessary for individual majors.



2013-09-28 02:45

Specialisations are important, especially in Arts degrees, and they should be recognised.



2013-09-28 03:03

I think this is a VERY important topic. Employers need to be able to see what skills you have to offer also a degree is your reward for your hard work.. how much extra can it cost to add a couple of lines?



2013-09-28 06:00

I'm doing a double major, and it really annoys me that my certificate will look exactly the same as someone with a single major, when I've put more work into my degree.



2013-09-29 04:48

very important!



2013-09-29 09:54

Although it appears that non-recognition of majors/minors is a rather common practice by Australian/NZ universities, the time, effort and resources spent on pursuing our respective fields should warrant enough reason for UOA to reflect our chosen specialisations on our cert.

This slight tweak in practice is not in any way a liability to the University. In fact, it helps UOA demonstrate to the world that:
(1) Its students acknowledge and appreciate its competitive and diverse course offerings, as seen in the various major/minor/conjoint combinations reflected on their official degree certificate.
(2) It does not treat degrees as run-of-the-mill, generic courses, but is an institution that helps students look forward to boundless opportunities by encouraging them to be masters of their own learning, as evidenced by the myriad personalised combinations students take.
(3) The University is proud to recognise the contribution and effort of each individual student on their chosen subjects, rather than congratulate graduating students as one generic Engineering / Science / Arts etc cohort; each student indistinguishable from the other.

Also, it will put to rest possible issues of integrity - when one tells employers that they studied French as part of their BA, for instance, you can be sure they are telling the truth as it is reflected on the degree.

UOA has nothing to lose with adopting a small change in its degree-awarding process, and in fact, will benefit from the added recognition of course diversity and appreciation of the efforts of its students - who are not just the heart of the University, but proud ambassadors post-graduation.



2013-09-29 19:18

The reason that they're are so many subjects that can be taken in a Bachelor of Arts is testament to why this differentiation would be nice. We aren't all the same, why should are degrees not reflect that?



2013-09-29 21:12

To whom it may concern,

I am signing this petition because I see this as a major shortfall of the university. Bachelor of Arts are stigmatised as it is, so adding the students majors onto the certificate might restore some pride in this degree. But also it would help in demonstrating the wide variety of Majors available - which this lack of differentiation completely ignores.

Yours faithfully,

Jordan Jones



2013-09-29 22:29

As a first year student who had no idea of what the UOA bachelors degree certificate looked like, it really does make me feel as if I'm working for nothing or just to be in a pool of hundreds when I graduate in Arts in a couple of years. When I eventually choose what route I want to pursue in my degree, I want recognition for it. I want to look back at my certificate in its little frame and feel a proper sense of achievement, and feel unique in the educational path that I as an individual took.



2013-10-01 20:35

I want recognition for my years of study and extensive research in my chosen majors!



2013-10-14 08:49

You could have a Bachelor of Film and Television or a Bachelor of Criminology & Criminal Justice overseas for example, but they all come under Arts in Auckland Uni. I like how Bachelor of Arts provides the flexibility in courses but we all major and specialize in different thing in the end. Shouldn't the cert that we've put in so much hard work for at least reflect that?



2013-10-14 20:56

If it is possible to do a major that would normally be considered to come from a different degree (eg Economics as available in both the BA and BCom) then it is necessary for the degree to show which major has completed. How else is a BA (Economics) student supposed to receive the recognition and job opportunities that an otherwise largely identical BCom (Economics) student would receive, or vice versa?



2013-10-14 21:39

If would be nice if our cert could show the hard work we have put into our specified major/s, minors, we are not all the same!



2013-10-15 01:15

Wouldn't it be nice...



2013-10-15 01:49

Would rather show that I'm a Geologist and geographer, than have people think I'm a doctor or something



2013-10-15 03:31

Lets return our degrees to uni and ask for a refund! We can argue that the degree has not lead to a decent paid job!

#19 my point of view

2013-10-16 10:15

The government needs to do something instead of blaming the entertainment industry.

Tips for school leavers: research into university majors will help your financial situation in the future.


#20 We should get what we deserve!

2013-10-21 11:47

Put our majors in our Diploma!



2014-06-02 09:19

Nobody even recognizes what an arts degree focuses on these days, make it more salient.



2014-06-03 01:42

I really hope our majors will be recognised. It will be probably too late for me though. :(



2014-06-03 03:56



#24 I want my major

2014-06-03 04:07

I would like to be recognised. Im sure somewhere in my $30,000 loan, you can pay for it.



2014-06-03 04:23

I just graduated as senior scholar in Science - did biomedical science.. not only did they not say biomedical science as my major but it doesn't mention senior scholar on my certificate nor did they say senior scholar in biomedical science when I crossed the stage. all just grouped in together in such a broad degree from medicinal chemistry to geography. Needs to be stated on our certificates especially in degrees with such different majors

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