Support the continued funding of Nga Pae o te maramatanga

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2014-03-18 00:26

This is an essential service that benefits not just Maori in New Zealand(Aotearoa)- but indigenous learners form across the Nations - Please support this



2014-03-18 00:47

Whakamaua tenei kaupapa kia tīna!
Haumi e! Tāiki e!



2014-03-18 00:55

Tawhiti rawa tō tātou haerenga ake te kore haere tonu. Nui rawa ō tātou mahi te kore mahi nui tonu. We have come too far not to go further. We have done too much not to do more. (Nā Tā Himi Hēnare)



2014-03-18 00:59

this is a deeply unconsidered issue that I feel obliged to sign for the favour in the continuation of the funding of Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga. S.A.H


#5 Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga CoRE Funding

2014-03-18 02:58

“Māori TEU members call for the Tertiary Education Commission to reconsider the Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga CoRE funding application immediately, because for Ngā Pae not to receive funding will detrimentally affect established and emerging Māori researchers, Kaupapa Māori and mātauranga Māori research outputs. Please sign the petition to have TEC reconsider the CoRE funding application of Ngā Pae.”



2014-03-19 23:51




2014-03-25 04:05

We need to funding to keep moving foraward with the matarauranga maori developement.