Free Unison: To get the Hawke's Bay Power Consumer Trust to distribute Unison Networks Limited shares to power consumers.


Currently the Hawke's Bay Power Trust owns all the shares in Unison Networks Ltd and the time has come for them to distribute them to the eligible Consumers.

Based on recent calculations that would entitle each Consumer to approximately $10,000 worth of shares. 

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This petition is to get the Trust to agree to the following:

 The Proposal

1 The Hawke's Bay Power Consumer Trust allocate all the shares in Unison Networks            Limited to eligible Consumers.

2 That Unison Networks Limited make an application to the New Zealand Stock                   Exchange for listing of its shares on the Exchange.

3 That the Hawke's Bay Power Consumer Trust is wound up after this is completed.



 **This petition is for Hawke's Bay (Hastings + Napier) power consumers regardless of their power company. Please provide power company information and account number where requested so we can prove support from eligible consumers. This is for the petition creator's reference only. 


Should a Consumer have more than 1 power account, they should enter this petition for each power account held, with each power supplier and account number ie, 4 power accounts 4 enteries.

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