Help me get my wife home

On 26 December 2016 my wife left New Zealand to go to Russia to care for her Parents. She is an only child and when she arrived she discovered both parents were unwell. Her father was looking after her Mum who was in an advanced stage of alche and he had cancer as well. The father passed away due to the cancer and her mother became totally bed ridden and requiring 24/7 care with no help from any one, no family, no friends just her 24/7.
Mum finally passed away 27 January 2022, 5 years later with 24/7 care from my wife.
As you can imagine she is very sad that Mum has passed she just wants to get home. She is a New Zealand citizen and travels on a New Zealand passport.
She is registered with the MIQ system and is a verified traveler.
the PM cancelled the release of MIQ places on 20 January 2022 and it has not been replaced with anything else. We are in limbo.
I am a NZ Army Veteran, 71 years old and currently undergoing cancer treatment, I need her home to support me. I live by myself in a remote town in Southland and have to travel 160K return trip to Invercargill on a weekly basis to attend cancer treatment.
I have supporting letters from Dr Anna Burns and from my local medical Centre supporting the return of my wife.
Please sign my petition so I can get her home, thank you and God bless.
I plan to send this petition to the NZ Govt attention the PM, Chris Hipkens and other MP’s.

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