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Dear Supporters and Friends,

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for your unwavering support in our quest for justice for Anton. Since the inception of our petition, "Justice for Anton," your signatures and generous donations have been the cornerstone of our efforts to seek justice.

We began with the engagement of a prominent lawyer, renowned for her expertise in high-profile cases. Her guidance has been instrumental in navigating the complex legal landscape we found ourselves in. With her at the helm, we launched an independent investigation, running parallel to the one conducted by the RCMP IHIT. The goal was clear: to gather independent data and challenge the Crown Counsel's decision, which overlooked the RCMP's recommendation for murder charges and led to the case's premature closure.

This decision by the Crown Counsel to not lay a murder indictment, despite the police recommending charges, was a significant blow. They unjustly labeled Anton as the instigator, citing self-defense by the perpetrators. This was in stark contrast to the evidence, including the severity of Anton's injuries, his unarmed state, and the brutal nature of the attack.

In our relentless pursuit of the truth, we obtained an expert opinion from a leading forensic pathologist. Their analysis of the autopsy report starkly contradicted the self-defense claim. The pattern of the seven fatal stab wounds Anton suffered pointed to a deliberate act of murder, casting serious doubts on the decisions made by the Crown Counsel.

Our lawyer's meeting with the Crown Counsel revealed their initial assessment of the case as "soft," influenced by the lack of CCTV evidence and the limited scope of witness testimony. This early characterization significantly impacted the RCMP's investigation, leading to a premature and, in our view, unjust conclusion.

Despite these challenges, we explored every possible legal avenue. The options, unfortunately, are limited:

         Potential Private Prosecution of the Suspect: 

  • This process involves a private individual initiating a criminal charge. However, according to the Provincial Crown Counsel Policy Manual, the Crown in this province typically does not allow private prosecutions to proceed. In most cases, the Crown will either intervene and take over the case or enter a stay of proceedings, effectively terminating the prosecution. Federal prosecutors maintain that private prosecutions are an important constitutional safeguard. This leads to a significant query: how can a local blanket policy, seemingly at odds with this principle, align with the interests of justice? Despite these considerations, our lawyer has concluded that pursuing a private prosecution would likely be an ineffective and costly endeavor, with little realistic chance of altering the initial “no go” decision.


  • Potential Civil Lawsuit against Crown and/or Police: 
  • Regarding this option, our lawyer has cautioned us that initiating such a lawsuit faces significant challenges and is likely to be dismissed at an early stage in the proceedings. As Anton's parents, our legal standing to sue might be questioned, given that the Crown typically holds immunity from lawsuits concerning their decisions not to prosecute. Furthermore, as of now, we lack sufficient information to substantiate a claim of negligence in the police investigation. This absence of concrete evidence to support a lawsuit alleging negligent investigation significantly weakens the viability of this legal avenue


  • Potential Civil Lawsuit against the Suspect: 
  • This option remains still open for another month, serving more as a symbolic gesture in our quest for truth rather than a means of retribution. It could shed some more light on details about Anton’s death, especially since our requests for a summary of the case investigation file under the Freedom of Information Act have been consistently denied. While this legal route might lead to a judgment for monetary damages, we recognize that the chances of actual financial recovery are quite limited.

As we navigate these limited legal options, our resolve remains firm. 

By the end of this week, we are considering submitting a formal complaint to the Attorney General's office against the Crown Counsel, who dismissed the case without allowing justice its due course. The suspect's history of violence and the new forensic evidence call for a re-examination of their decision.

Your support has been the driving force behind our efforts. Though the legal paths available to us may not lead to the desired outcome, our commitment to seeking justice for Anton and ensuring accountability for his untimely death remains unshaken.

Thank you once again for standing with us.


Anton's family



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Dear friends,

We’ve started this petition to address a grave injustice that has occurred in our community. 

On Mother Day (May 8, 2022) Anton Ossipchuk took his dog to a park close to the Coquitlam Glen Elementary school. Upon his arrival, he was aggressively confronted by three violent culprits unknown to him. These three man has started verbally threaten and assaulting Anton over his dog, instigating an altercation.Less than two minutes later, Anton was surrounded by these three and fatally stabbed 7 times. Anton died on the scene.

A young man has lost his life, and his murderers were let go free on the grounds of self-defence. Despite the fact, that one of the killers just a few weeks before has attacked a police officer with knife and was tasered. However, he was released with no conditions. This decision has left many of us feeling outraged and powerless, but we must not give up.

We must come together and demand that our voices be heard. We cannot allow this decision to stand, as it sets a dangerous precedent for future cases. If we do not take action now, we are sending a message that we are willing to accept such injustice in our society.

Therefore, we are launching a petition and complaint letter to be submitted to the Attorney General, urging them to re-evaluate the decision made by the New Westminster Crown Counsel. We need your support to gather as many signatures as possible, in order to show that we stand united in seeking justice for Anton who was brutally murdered.

We cannot allow the murderers to go unpunished. We must fight for the rights of all individuals, regardless of their race, religion, or social standing. We must hold those who commit crimes accountable for their actions.

Please join us in our fight for justice. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard. Let us show the world that we will not tolerate such injustice in our community. Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you.https://www.gofundme.com/f/juxegd-justice-for-anton

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