Keep Cadbury Here!

People of New Zealand! I am calling you to take action and help out some fellow kiwis who provide us a family favourite. 

Cadbury is planning on closing its doors to the Dunedin Factory that has been producing their chocolate since 1884. They want to send this off shore to Australia and take the jobs of 362 New Zealanders just to make it a little cheaper. They wont be saving money they just "prefer" to produce there but i feel as though they shouldnt be able to destroy that many peoples lives! This is a New Zealand brand. They were created here, consumed here, have grown from just biscuits to world class chocolate here, and to be frank, they should stay here! 

the impact this change will have on, not only Dunedin, but the whole of New Zealand wont go unnoticed. Not only will 362 people loose their jobs, the cost to buy cadbury and import it here will go up, the taste will most likely change, nearly 400 people will not be spending money in Dunedin, and nearly 400 people will be either going on the benefit or left to find a new job. This is not the way Kiwi's should treat Kiwi's. 

The company wanting to move Cadbury from New Zealand is US multinational Mondelez International. They have been working with cadbury for a meagre 80 years and now they have decided that running the factory out of New Zealand is not in their best interest. Since they have been involved with this 200 year old New Zealand based company they have already taken 80% of its manifacturing overseas. A small 20% of Cadbury products are made here, but that wasnt enough, they want to take it all. 

Please New Zealand, i am begging you to open your eyes and take a stand. These large companies need to stop thinking only profit and start thinking more of its people. Im sure they could save money by moving to Australia but what about us? What about the years that New Zealanders have spent their money on these products? Its a NEW ZEALAND company and sometimes a country this small needs to stand up for itself. 

If we can get enough people to sign this petition maybe they will listen and we can save some kiwis their jobs before its to late. This is your chance to help make a difference before you read a story about people who are stuck in a rut because they had their jobs pulled out from underneath them.