Keep our kids and pets safe on nile rd and surrounding roads

I've lived on nile for 6 years and have noticed cars flying around the roads not caring about pets or children. I have had 4 cats hit by them 3 deseased, 1 that survived.. I've lost count of how many times the neighbour's kids have almost been hit! There are 6 or so schools in the area and nile rd and the roads off it seem to be a race track to these people. we are the only roads in kelston without speed bumps. 

Upon posting about my latest kitty getting hit and killed (which they didn't even stop after hitting her) I learnt that I wasn't the only 1. Many of our neighbour's have had their beloved pets hit and killed by these people! many have children and fear for their safety and Noone wants to hear of someone's child being hit! Every day there are kids walking to and from school and crossing the road along here thinking it's safe and I've seen more close calls than I care too! These people have no respect for any lives human or animal and something has to be done before we all lose our animals or children! 

I propose that we have some bumps placed in our streets to slow these people who reach rediculous speeds down so our children and animals can be safe!! These people need to realize our roads are NOT a race track and that we won't stand for their wrecklessness any more. its only a matter of time before a child or even a adult is hit! 

This petition will be attatched to a email to the council and Auckland transport as additional support as a neighborhood that's had enough. 

Thank you for your support in this matter. Let's make our streets safer for everyone, together! 

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