Kāpiti Council : please take appropriate measures to support safe driving on Ruapehu St.

Traffic Safety Team

Kāpiti Coast District Coucil


Kia ora,

We are concerned residents of Ruapehu Street and surrounding areas, seeking council action to mitigate the impact of traffic volumes and speeds in our neighbourhood. 

You will be aware of multiple accidents and near misses on Ruapehu Street in recent years and long-held concerns held by the residents about the dangerous driving up and down the street, from Paraparaumu primary school to Valley Road. 

We understand these issues have been raised with council and the Community Board numerous times, with residents having previously written to you and invited Councillors to observe the Road.  We are not aware of any substantive response from the council, however we do welcome and acknowledge the speed feedback signs now operating outside of school. 

It has now got to the stage where we feel increasingly unsafe and fear for the safety of our children who should be able to walk on the sidewalk without the threat of a car losing control and running them over. 

Recent examples include a car performing donuts up Ruapehu Street, a car undercutting a Ruapehu Street resident as they were turning into their driveway and crashing into their car with a baby inside, a speeding ute taking a corner too fast and rolling onto the opposite side of the road, a toddler and his parents walking across the street near the school and very nearly being knocked down by a car travelling at approximately 80kms.

Add to this the unique landscape of the neighbourhood, with an undulating, narrow road, and we appear to have the perfect combination of factors for risk and continuing road accidents. 

Further, every morning there is a significant convoy of cars that travels up Ruapehu Street through Valley Road and around to Waterfall Road to avoid traffic jams on the expressway.  Residents have noticed this volume of traffic increasing in the past 2 years, starting each day at around 6am.

We want a safe neighbourhood so that our children can independently travel to and from school on foot, scooters, or bike.  We want residents to be able to safely travel around the neighbourhood, with appropriate measures in place to support safe driving.

We would like to meet with you to ensure council has a full understanding of the issues and is working in partnership with Police and the community for constructive solutions.  We would welcome an increased and consistent Police presence in the area. 


Yours sincerely

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