Let people buy computers during lockdown

Many people that now find themselves in lockdown could work much more efficiently if they were given the opportunity to setup their homes properly.

Most families are unprepared and because of this inefficient or even totally unproductive.

The reality in most families is that they have only one home computer or in poorer families no computer. This computer is normally setup for games and not very useful for home office or online studies.

Now one or two of the parents in a normal family are trying to work from home and most children in school age are trying to get their schooling done online.
 They are fighting for that one computer.

These families need more computers and a printer.

Many families need proper chairs for work and study. Kitchen chairs are normally not suitable as they are too hard and anatomically a nightmare for sitting on all day. Most homes need more chairs and many need one or two smaller study tables. If they are not able to get this we will soon have an epidemic of bad backs.

We are quite unnecessarily hurting NZ economy by not addressing these needs.

In most homes there are not enough computers and not enough places to sit.

Regardless of if the company pays or if the family pays you can not order these necessities with current lockdown rules.


Make computers and printers for home use classified as essential equipment so that PB Tech, Harvey Norman and others are allowed to take orders and ship with safe couriers to normal families.

Make study tables and chairs for home office essential equipment, and make production and delivery of tables and chairs a priority