MAF should exonerate Santi Samuel's Taylor

I am a member of the Kina Addicts Group on Face Book and I am starting this petition to send to MAF to exonerate the charges against  my cousin Santi Samuels Taylor. The following text is copied from my nephews plea.


Hello everyone Im Santi's son.
In december my mum had drawn and delivered her first raffle, once it was over we had a visit from MAF, Mum did'nt know at the time that she could not harvest the kai moana herself, someone in the group informed MAF and now 6 months later my mum faces charges in court. Resulting in possible fine and/or community service, worst case Imprisonment.
She has also been informed that she will have to stop the raffles, this Saturday being the last one. If any further questions please Pm my mum.

All my mum ever wanted was to create something out of something she loves, this page has grown over the years out of all the love that others have shown for sea food. You guys have given her your support, your feed back and everyday proving that what she has created from this page is a community of people that can express and share there appreciation of kai moana, and that makes my mum very happy. My mum is considering closing the page, and that hurts for me to have her say that after all the hard work she has put into bringing all us people together but someway or another not everyone feels the same way, there are those who would rather see my mum suffer and they are right here in this group. Im incredibly infuriated by whats happening to my mum over one simple accident and that its managed to escalate this far and wasnt addressed sooner. Any support is well appreciated and just as equaly welcome and lets just hope she and all of us can come up from this.


Let's get together and show our support for Santi and her family!


Kani Epiha member of Kina Addicts Group    Contact the author of the petition