Make the rubbish bins bigger

This is mainly directed towards those who already dislike the new rubbish system in the Waikato. The council is refusing to listen to the peoples complaints, so action muct be taken.


The new rubbish bin system in the Waikato is flawed and doesn't take into consideration that bigger families need more space. The recycling bin is bigger than the rubbish, which doesn't help bigger families or families that use disposable nappies. The scrap bin smells terrible and will require constant and continuous washing, the recycling and rubbish bins are collected fortnightly and not weekly, which is a hazaard. Rubbish is already starting to pile up, people can't afford to take their rubbish to the disposle facility so they are dumping, and people are also very confused and annoyed at how they HAVE to pick through their rubbish to make sure it's correct. Incorrect rubbish leads to being given a sticker that tells the collectors to not collect it, so people are then left with filth. None of the system makes any sense as to why the rubbish is picked up one week, then recycling the next, forcing people to over fill their rubbish bin. Which is smaller than the recycling and is not suitable.

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