New Plymouth Girls' High School Vape Policy

Dear Stella Bond (Acting Principal),

Currently, at New Plymouth Girls' High School there is no policy against students vaping on school grounds. This is an issue because vaping with high levels of nicotine has been proven to negatively affect the human body and can lead to addiction. Young people are at risk of being peer pressured by others to participate in this and as their brains are not yet fully developed they are unlikely to consider the longterm effects of vaping. The New Zealand Cancer Society found that youths that vape are also four times more likely to begin smoking tobacco within 12 months. We would like to eliminate this option in order to protect them from themselves. The possession and use of a vape by a minor is illegal in New Zealand in line with recent law change so this should be enforced by and reflected in the policies of schools.

We plan to present this petition to the New Plymouth Girls' High School Acting Principal in order to create a policy against vaping.

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