New Proposed Position of Taramea Bay Toilets (opposite Taramea Bay Store) Seriously Impact Our Business

329609213_899527847945683_6881766584776763711_n.jpgDear Valued customers, Residents of Riverton and Community members,

Please help us to have this new toilets moved to a more sensable location and oppose the current location. 

The proposed location seriously negatively impact our business for the following reasons.

1. Toilets straight opposite to a food establishment is culturally unacceptable to us, and it goes against the "Feng Shui Science" that most Chinese business people believe and take as common sense. We believe people from other culture wouldn't accept this either. We have never seen in New Zealand that any public toilet is straight opposite to a food business.  

2. The new toilet will block the beautiful view from Taramea Bay Sore, which our customers describe as 'a million-dollar worth view'. We (ourseleves, staff members and customers) have to face the back wall of a Toilet all the time.

3. The new toilet is too close to a food establishment. our customers wenjoy eating outside our shop, but with the toilet nearby, we don't think they would continue to eat here. 

4. We have been planing to buy the property and rebuild the shop in the future, but if the toilet is built at the proposed location, we may just leave and re-start our business somewhere eles. 

Thank you very much for your help.

Best wishes,


Andy Li (Taramea Takeaway & Dairy Limited)    Contact the author of the petition

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