New Zealand: Clean Up This Rape Nation.

To the government of New Zealand,


We are ashamed to say we live in this country. The way that the "Roast Busters" case has been handled has identified us (New Zealand) in the world as a rape nation. It is physically sickening to see the powers that be attempt to turn a blind eye to these massive issues, right in front of an outraged population. New Zealand wants action taken NOW, not only upon the group themselves, but the rape culture that lives, breathes and THRIVES in this country on a daily and far too casual basis.

We who have signed this partition demand the following things of this government.

1) Severe criminal conviction of the group of Auckland rapists known as the Roast Busters (harsh imprisonment).

2) A drastic systematical change in the ways authorities handle rape complaints and cases.

- No more victim blaming! (the question of what a victim was wearing is utterly irrelevant and disgustingly accusative).

- No more humiliation of these victims! (re-inactment of such horrific crime with 'dolls' is nothing short of cruel and sadistic).

- Rape is ALWAYS the fault of the perpetrator and never the victim, much trauma is within the system that follows the rape.

3) A formal apology from the NZ police force: to the victims, their families and the rest of this nation for failing to treat these rapes (and so many others) with the respect, empathy and gravity they deserve.

4) Significant funding poured into a massive and inescapable national anti-rape campaign. All New Zealanders are exposed to celebrity endorsed anti-smoking, drink driving and domestic violence television, radio and print media adverts. We want a wide-spread education that demonizes rape itself AND rape culture (specifically rape jokes; as long as people find it acceptable to laugh about rape, it will allow rape to continue without being taken as seriously as it needs to be. Rape is not funny, it is pure tragedy).


We have been all over national media, we featured on one of the biggest international blogs in the world (, there is outrage all over Facebook with the growing threat of people taking the law into their own hands. It doesn't seem like long until we have chaos on our hands to mix with the blood. The world is watching, we are humiliated as a nation. Seize the opportunity to turn this around, stomp down on rape culture once and for all because New Zealand wants no part in it anymore.