NO to a new cellphone tower at Resolution Rise Cooks Beach

There is currently a communications tower (cell phone tower), one of two on Purangi Road, east of Resolution Rise. Apparently this is a temporaary site. Spark, through Connexa, are looking to build a new, 15m high, cellphone tower on the land in front of the Resoultion Rise sign on the land outside of 795 and 797 Purangi Road. 

This brings the tower closer to homes on Purangi Road and Scott Drive. 

The current land owner is happy to negotiate a deal to keep the current site and another land owner in the area has offered land that ensures it is no closer to houses and does not obstruct views or devalue properties. 

We want Spark to utilise one of these options rather than what they have asked the Thames Coromandel District Council to consent. 

If you are against having the cell phone tower moved to the proposed site please support us by signing this petition. Thank you. Please see the proposed map below. Conexxa_Map_2023.jpeg