Opposing the Burswood change of route for Eastern Busway, Pakuranga to Botany - new draft route through Burswood.

Kia ora,

We are a tight knit, quiet community, located off Ti Rakau Drive, between Pakuranga and Botany. In the past 5 days, Auckland Transport have provided notice of intent to seize between 40 - 50 homes for the construction of a dual lane, rapid transit bus route that cuts through our community. We are devastated. The draft but preferred plan, deviates from what has been publically advised and consulted on since 2018 and effectively moves our community from quiet, safe, place to retire and and let our kids play on the street to becoming the main bus throughfare from Pakuranga to Botany. It is expected a minimum of two buses will pass our front doors every 5-7minutes. The timing of this is also incredibly challenging, during Alert Level 3, removing our ability to meet in person during this time as well as heavily affecting the mental health of local residents who are already at risk of losing jobs, businesses and now their homes. For those already approached, the amount of money offered to relocate is not expected to be enough to rebuy a similar home or lifestyle within our East Auckland area. 

It has been well known that part of the plan involved the removal of homes along Ti Rakau Drive of which, owners have had 15-25 years to plan for. This change is brand new and has never (and still isn't) publicly advised. Homeowners who have been approached already, are being incentivised to make a quick decision and also told (or understood), that this is confirmed and they will invoke the Public Works Act, if homeowners object.

To be very clear, we are supportive of the Eastern Busway, just not the new proposal for the removal of more homes (less than 15-25 years old) during a housing shortage and cutting through our community. No direct, specific or compelling information has been provided from Auckland Transport as to why this route has changed from running the centre of Ti Rakau Drive, except for the usual cost and infrastructure points which are standard and expected.

For more information, please see Eastern Busway (at.govt.nz) or info@easternbusway.nz 

If you join us in feeling strongly opposed to this, please sign our petition to support. You do not need to be directly affected to have an opinion, all voices matter to us and will help shape local sentiment to this change.



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