OW Voice Actors for Wellygeddon 2017

Most of us know what Overwatch is these days and we've all grown to love it. This love for Overwatch has spread throughout many communities and inspired many people including artists, song writers, and also the topic of this petition: cosplayers.

A large group of us are already planning to attend Wellington Armageddon next year (2017) in Overwatch cosplays and many more not in our group will probably turn up in theme as well.

Now I have really been enjoying all the content from Blizzcon that people have shared on Youtube but one thing really stood out to me. For those of you who don't know who Darin De Paul is; he is the guy who voices our favourite crusader Reinhardt. I've seen him in numerous Blizzcon videos already and I really enjoyed seeing him do his Reinhardt voice (he seems to enjoy doing it as well).

I wish I could go to Blizzcon, but for myself and many others this simply isn't a possibility. That's where I started thinking; what if he, or another Overwatch voice actor, came to New Zealand for Wellygeddon 2017? After talking with friends and spreading the word of this idea we decided that a petition to send to the organisers might be the best way to voice our desires for Wellygeddon next year. If this petition will make any difference I do not know, but if we don't try we will never find out.

If you'd like to see an Overwatch voice actor attend Wellygeddon next year I'd really appreciate it if you would sign this petition.

Just to show you how awesome having someone like Darin De Paul at a convention is:


*The world could always use more heroes*