Parking Reform in Rotorua's CBD

We, the residents of Rotorua and our valued visitors, demand change to the parking system currently run by iPARK in
Rotorua's CBD. iPARK have numerous "out of order" payment machines, that create unfair fines for customers who have
attempted and failed to pay for their parking. iPARK is inflexible and unsympathetic to these customers, refusing to take
any responsibility for their failed and under-resourced system, all burden is placed on the customer to look for a working
iPARKS failings are having a direct impact on local business as their customers are discouraged from visiting the CBD
through this obstructive and heartless system. Our elderly residents are most impacted being alienated by both the
technology and attitude of this uncaring corporate entity.
We would like to see a solution that encourages visitors back into our suffering CBD.
Solutions we would like investigated are:
1. Limited free parking.
2. Better maintained payment infrastructure.
3. Supervision of iPARK's responsibilities to the community.
4. Removal of iPARK for being in breach of their contractual agreement.

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