Pedestrian/Bike Crossing instated at busy roundabout in Leamington, Cambridge

The 3 exit roundabout where Shakespeare Street and Cook Street in Leamington, Cambridge intercept needs to have pedestrian crossings at each 3 points to increase the saftey of the pedestrians and cyclists crossing there.

The majority of pedestrians and cyclists that need to cross over this road are children and teenagers going to and from their schools.

Vehicle usage on these roads going both ways is very heavy with a significant number of the vehicles being trucks coming off the state highway 1 expressway to access Te Awamutu. And as such it is very hard for people to cross over often needing to move very quickly between small gaps in the traffic.

This is creates a much higher risk of an accident between a pedestrian/ cyclist and vehicle happening especially when you factor in that the road is being crossed mostly by children and teenagers.

There are no other safer or practical routes for the pedestrians/cyclists to use. The closest pedestrian crossing going up Shakespeare street into Leamington is between Raleigh and Campbell street. 650meters futher away.

Adding in these crossings will be a positive move forward for Cambridge in establishing itself as town that encourages and supports its residents to stay fit and healthy and to reduce carbon emissions. roundabout_proposal_Shakespeare_and_Cook_Street.jpg

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