Petition to Ban Single-use Plastic Straws at McDonald’s

"Plastic straws and other single-use plastics are a non-essential part of our life. Yet, they cause so much damage to the environment," Get Green Now states. "The degrading of plastic could release chemicals that are toxic to wildlife and the environment."

Plastic straws are polluting the environment and is having a very negative effect on marine life. Turtles have been found with plastic straws stuck in their nose.

In a country of 4 million people, New Zealanders use 540 million plastic straws a year. Of this, consumers at McDonalds are responsible for using 50 million of them, according to Stuff NZ. 

We are making this petition to ban the use of single-use plastic straws in local McDonald's branches and to encourage using a biodegradable or sustainable alternative. We hope that in doing so, it also influences other fast food restaurants in New Zealand.

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