Petition to Oppose Relocation for Rebuild Purposes of Existing Marae Development Plan,Te Kotahitanga Marae of Te Kotahitanga Maori Reservation Trust, Kaikohe.


"Ko te whare ahau,ko ahau te whare"

My Meeting House is me,

I am my Meeting House

This petition invites supporters to submit petition support that:

1. Opposes the plans of the Te Kotahitanga Maori Reservation Trust’s intention to take the advice of the project management for the marae rebuild to move the wharehui; and that in so doing should it take the advice to shift the wharehui, devoids the mana,mauri and wairua of the wharehui anticipated to be repaired and renovated when closed in 2015; 

2. Opposes the exisitng Marae Development Plans on the basis of the design, intents and purposes inventivelly misleading, misinforming and misguidedly proposing an unfeasible project from the hapu’s agreement for closure intent in 2015-2016 to repair, renovate and restore the wharekai, marae and wharehui.

For more than 6 years now, we have been lead to believe our expectations for a repair of our wharehui were in trusting and new "Rangatira" hands, only to be mischievously mislead,misguided and intentionally excluded from developments,design and coordination and given to believe a new Marae Development Plan was going to be incorporating of our wharehui and her heritage status structure.

It isn't.  We ask you support to our petition to save it from being tampered with for our future to keep it intact and repair around our whare.

Nga mihi.

Raewyn Kapa,Te Kotahitanga Marae Kapa Collective    Contact the author of the petition

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