Petition to Stop The Fluoridation of the Whangarei Water Supply


Watch this short ad above from Fluoride Free NZ, which aired on TV3.

This petition is intended for those who reside on property under Whangarei District Council authority.

  Our primary reason for opposing water fluoridation is that it causes notable harm to people in a number of ways. 

  We are particularly concerned about fluoride's ability to cause brain damage.  For instance, the US Government’s National Toxicological Program (NTP), (2023), reported that 52 of 55 studies found lower IQ with higher fluoride exposures and of the 19 studies rated higher quality, 18 found a lowering of IQ.  The NTP found fluoride is neurotoxic to humans and the authors could not find a dose where fluoride does not cause neurological harm, [1]. 

  We also oppose water fluoridation on the grounds that toxins will be released into our environment.  According to Radio NZ, [2], the type of fluoride proposed to be added to our drinking water is not naturally occurring calcium fluoride, nor is it pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride, but rather it is a waste product of the phosphate fertiliser industry called hydrofluorosilicic acid, [3].  As this dangerous waste cannot be legally dumped onto the land, into the sea or rivers by law, as it is so toxic, it is instead sold to local councils to drip feed through water supplies, providing a dilution solution to their pollution. However, ultimately, a number of toxins from the fertilizer industry will end up polluting our local environment.

So this is a call to action! 

Please sign this petition and share the link with your community groups, family members and friends.

We, the undersigned, who are residents of the Whangarei district, hereby:

1. Advise the Whangarei District Council, (WDC), that we do not want fluoride put into our drinking/bathing water; 

2. Remind the WDC that its duty is to the community it serves;

3. We ask that the WDC seek an interim injunction to stay the Director-General of Health’s directive pursuant to section 116E of the Health Act 1956 to the WDC to fluoridate Whangarei water, until the court case against the Director-General of Health by New Health NZ currently before the High Court, has been decided upon.

Thank-you for your attention to the contents herein.


1. National Toxicology Program Review,

2. Northland's first major fluoride-treated drinking water likely next year, January 29th, 2023, by Susan Botting,

3. Fluoridation chemicals are Unnatural,

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We will not display your email address publicly online.

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