Proceed with Ōtepoti Dunedins George St Upgrade as planned

It's taken in excess of a decade to get to the point where our George Street upgrade is finally happening. There have been years of consultation, recommendations, reviews and mahi done to get us to this point, as well as HUGE amounts of residents money spent on the project so far. Important infrastructure upgrades beneath the road and a once in a lifetime opportunity to upgrade the street above ground into an inclusive, accessible shared retail and hospitality hub right in the heart of our CBD. By signing this petition you're saying that you want the work to proceed and do not want it derailed by a change of council looking to 'review' the project! This as yet undefined review could take months to simply define the parameters on which the review will be measured. It will undoubtedly cost residents many thousands of dollars and is instigated by a mayor that campaigned and was elected on election promises of not wasting money! If, like me, you can see the irony of that please sign and share!

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