Refund attendees of "Monster Truck & FMX Spectacular" at Baypark arena, Tauranga 25 February 2023

We believe we are entitled to a refund of the ticket price due to the show being plagued with technical issues, and the monster trucks doing very little compared to regular monster truck shows you can watch on youtube.

Most monster truck shows are non stop action for at least an hour. The show at baypark contained a total of 10 minutes of monster truck "action", where they did very little but drive around in circles, and make a handful of very weak jumps. Several long periods of time with nothing happening. 

Half of the audience left within 30 minutes of the show starting, that's how bad it was. Social media has exploded with thousands of people who are disappointed with the show, and demanding refunds. 

The organizers have responded to messages from disappointed attendees with a bad attitude, swearing, insulting, blaming the venue and basically saying "tough luck, no refunds" 

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