Requesting MOE consider dual zoning for Selwyn College and Glendowie College for North Western Glen Innes and Wai O Taiki Bay Auckland

To: Ministry of Education

Re: Parents requesting the north-western area of Glen Innes West - to southern side of West Tamaki Road, bordered by Apirana Ave (to the west), Line Road (to the east), and Eastview Road (to the south) and Wai O Taiki Bay- be dual zoned in the Selwyn College zone, and Glendowie College zone.

We, the undersigned, would be most grateful if the MOE would urgently look into changing the zoning for an area of Glen Innes West to ensure dual zoning for both Selwyn College as well as Glendowie College. The reasons for this are outlined below:

Distance to school

The north-western area of Glen Innes West, outlined above, is equal distance between three public high schools. For example, from Shadwell Place, Selwyn College is 2 km away, Glendowie College is 2.5 km and Tamaki College is 2.5 km away. The area is currently only zoned for one of those schools, Tamaki College.

In contrast, Glendowie College zone skips over Glen Innes and takes in an area of St Johns Park which is significantly further away (5.5 km) from the school. And, as announced in June 2021, it is now proposed in the Selwyn College zoning consultation, that the area of St John’s Park be dual zoned for both Selwyn College and Glendowie College.

This concept of dual zoning is what we are asking the MOE to consider for an area of Glen Innes West.

Access to educational opportunities

With a focus on social equity and opportunity, where possible every child should be able to attend a local school with high educational standards. Fortunately, in close proximity to our area there are such schools available, in particular Selwyn College.

In the suburbs surrounding ours - including St Johns, Kohimarama, St Heliers, Glendowie and Meadowbank - families can choose from one school, or in some cases two schools, being Glendowie and Selwyn College, that are both doing well according to their ERO reports.

“Glendowie College provides high quality education for students in Years 9 to 13. This is a successful school with a well-designed and delivered curriculum that promotes high levels of student achievement.”- latest ERO report.

“ERO’s overall evaluation judgement of Selwyn College’s performance in achieving valued outcomes for its students is: Strong.” – latest ERO report.

Yet in Glen Innes West the one option is Tamaki College - where the latest ERO report records challenges and lower educational performance, as per below.

“Tamaki College provides a caring and respectful learning environment. Developing more systematic evaluative inquiry will assist the college to continue sharpening its focus on lifting student achievement….The challenge for the school is to increase levels of student success in the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) at Levels 1, 2 and 3, and increase the number of endorsements”.  

School communities and mental wellbeing

Many of us have children attending Churchill Park School, Glendowie School, St Heliers School, Orakei School or St Thomas's School and have made friendships and relationships within these school communities. Almost all their friends from these school communities will be attending Selwyn College and Gendowie College.

Strong friendships and relationships are known to be a key factor in mental health and wellbeing of teenagers, and we are very keen to ensure they have strong support networks as they grow.

Access to existing public transport links

Public transport links, to transport children to Selwyn College and Glendowie College, are easy to access and well established from this area of north-western Glen Innes. There are current bus routes in place to safely transport our children to school along Apirana Avenue and West Tamaki Road directly to Selwyn College and Line Rd to Glendowie College. many children can also be seen walking to both colleges from these areas.


Finally, we believe there are reasons why this has become more of an issue recently. Previously teens living in our area, whose family faced the same issues, were often able to get a place in Selwyn College through and “out of zone” application. However, we understand that Selwyn College is unlikely to be able to take many (potentially any) out of one students in the future.

We look forward to your response.  

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