Save Silverdale's TREES and diverse BIRD LIFE

IMG_4048.jpgDear community, 

Update: Thank you to everyone that has signed this petition, unfortunately all of the trees have been cut down now. I did however send this petition to council yesterday prior to the last few trees coming down.

Help save the trees, some of them native found on the old Bartlett farm. On Friday we were notified that all remaining trees at 25 Bankside Road Silverdale are scheduled to be cut down within the next 2-3 weeks. Some of the trees on the property are natives, Rimu, Tokara-Kahikatea, Puriri, a fourty metre Norfolk Pine and a mature English Oak. It would be absolutely devastating for the diverse birdlife found on the property to loss these tree's. 

Please sign this petition to STOP the felling of these trees.