Save Guide Dogs of Texas!

The leadership for Guide Dogs of Texas have been reported harassing, intimidating and threatening staff, especially women and also reported engaging in discriminating practices. The board protected leadership rather than listen to the staff, say multiple staff members who want to stay anonymous because otherwise they say the board will attack THEM instead. 

There is 1 EEOC complaint filed and 3 more in progress. The board refused to let staff address them directly to date (9/25), despite evidence being provided since June. "They have taken no meaningful action to protect staff" says anonymous staff member A, "despite the 9 whistleblower reports." Instead, says staff B, "they allowed this person to use his position to take revenge on the whistleblowers."

"Rader has been a terrible CEO", says staff C. "Besides creating a culture of fear, intimidation and retaliation, Rader rarely showed up for work for 7 months and made almost no efforts to help the organization".  

Declared staff D, "A third of the original staff are gone. Five board members resigned, and the organization has lost over half a million dollars."

"As of September 25th, there is still no development plan and the entire development team mysteriously vanished", added staff A.

Please help us return Guide Dogs to the amazing organization it was before this administration. We need to remove all the leadership who have protected him, say multiple staff members.

"Unfortunately the board is using their power to intimidate the whistleblowers with a lawsuit and use a ton of guide dog funds to protect the person accused of harassing staff." says staff A. 

Thank you for helping!