SeaLink continued services to Port Fitzroy, Great Barrier Island

The residents of Port Fitzroy and the surrounding areas of north Great Barrier Island have been formally informed by the North Barrier Residents and Ratepayers Association that after Easter 2020 SeaLink will no longer bring freight or passengers to the Port Fitzroy Wharf.

If SeaLink discontinues  passenger and freight services to Port Fitzroy and makes Tryphena the only stop on Great Barrier Island, our northern Barrier communities will suffer both personally and financially.  In fact, it has the potential to put people out of business with increased freight charges to get goods trucked up and down the island. Unfortunately, it could also lead to job losses.

SeaLink has neglected to communicate directly with the the residents of Great Barrier Island on this matter, any contingencies or viable options.

A hard copy petition has been circulated amongst the North Barrier community and Barrier chitchat has a posting for supporters names and comments. We would ask those supporters to please sign this as well to possibly help with future negotiations with SeaLink. (Google Barrier chitchat to view Jessy Fisher's post.)

We've started this petition to reach a wider audience as SeaLink's decision potentially affects a variety of would be tourists and other visitors to Great Barrier, as well as residents.


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