Help us get harshest sentence for animal cruelty


This is the innocent victim of prolific animal cruelty, at the hands of one woman. One of 100 dead and dying dogs found at her property in Clare Estate in April 2019.

All the animals were suffering from starvation, dehydration, coccidiosis (from eating faeces), disease, parasite infestations, blindness, infected bite wounds from fighting among themselves, inbred deformities, and open, foetid wounds.

Of the 80 dogs found alive, not one could be saved.

The owner was charged on 80 separate counts of animal cruelty and 6 different charges. She has been medically examined by the court and found fit to stand trial. We go to court on 28 April 2020. And we need your help to ensure the maximum sentence is handed down – including a court order denying her the right to ever own another animal.

Otherwise, it's going to happen again. In fact it already has.

Despite the best efforts of our SPCA inspectors and the South African Police Service to monitor her activities, the accused managed to accumulate more animals.

On 12 March 2020, we obtained a warrant to search her property and removed 17 dogs, 9 newborn puppies, 2 cats and a chicken. They were living amid stinking, wall to wall faeces, dirt, debris and rotting dog corpses. There was no drinkable water or food for the animals. Our Inspectors also removed 21 dog skulls from a bathroom containing the remains of countless dogs in various stages of decomposition.

We have to stop her. Permanently. And the only way is through the courts. Please sign our petition now.

With the trial due to start on 28 April 2020, we don't have much time. Please share on social media and ask your contacts to get involved too.

We want to deliver this petition to the magistrate with 10 000 signatures to get the message across that animal cruelty is not a 'low level' crime. We demand justice for the voiceless victims.  


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