Share the stop zones or Create more designated stops for Rideshare drivers!!

Because there are a lot of essential ways for a passenger to travel around, there’s Uber X & Ola cabs that are very popular as well as convenient with having the App to respond to & usually within 5-15mins you have service. Part of the convenience though is unfortunately not so convenient when it comes to picking or dropping a passenger. I myself have been working for Uber since August 2018, joined Uber X in July this year then Ola cabs 3weeks ago. During these times of being a busy taxi driver I’ve come across a repetitive issue of picking passenger from the only unfortunate area or location being at a bus stop because there was marked bus stops for hundreds of metres or longer on either side of road, yellow dotted lines or to make it more clearer..there’s just no safe place for either passenger or driver to pick or drop them without being yelled at, verbally abused, chased by buses, rude hand gestures etc... on other hand the passengers are the reason why this service from Uber & Ola are available.They pay for conveniency but don’t receive it in full... What if it’s heavy rainy weather? The passenger is elderly or has groceries?? Are we expected to ask them to carry the heavy bags down the street hundreds & hundreds of meters away?? That’s a joke right??? It’s ridiculous!!! So the Auckland Transport & Auckland Council either need to provide pick & drop stations for passengers to go to & wait or allow us to share the bus stops or loading zones. Just as long as we don’t stop there too long or after picking or dropping passengers. We need our voices heard as we are just as essential as buses, trains, courier drivers, service trucks etc as we are too providing a service!! I will be talking to Uber & Ola headquarters too about this decision to be heard about & hope to combine forces to create a better environment for all. To add, I have asked other drivers what their thoughts are & many are agreeable

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