Stop Aurora Energy planning power outages in Central Otago during Winter Months - June / July / August

Signing this petition means you agree that Aurora Energy should stop planning power outages in the Central Otago region during the Winter months  of June / July & August. We except that ongoing line work is necessary to get the network up to standard. We except that planned outages are required for this work to be carried out.

What we don't accept is these planned outages being carried out during the Winter months in Central Otago. Our region is the coldest in New Zealand during these months with temperatures reaching - 8's during the night  and no more than  5 degrees during the day - frequently - any time during these months.

No power in a household is unacceptable for periods of 7-8 hours during these conditions.

The outcome we would like from this petition is to stop Aurora Energy planning any Power Outages in Central Otago in June/ July & August.

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